About Bishop Budka Eparchial Stewardship Society Inc. (BBESSI)

Established at the December 14, 2013 Annual Meeting of Metropolitan Sheptytsky Society of Saskatchewan (MSSS), the membership approved the new Bylaws which gave the Society a new mission, a new purpose and a new name. MSSS will now become part of the Stewardship Office of the Eparchy, and more specifically, the fund raising arm of the Eparchy as Bishop Budka Eparchial Stewardship Society Incorporated (BBESSI).  The Eparchy has long desired to engage an organized and structured fund raising effort to raise funds for Eparchial needs. BBESSI will now serve this purpose, an organization with a fresh start and an Eparchial focus.


  • Promoting the cultural, social, educational and spiritual initiatives, policies, and objectives of the Eparchy among Ukrainian Catholics in the Province of Saskatchewan, and
  • Assisting, financially or otherwise, any organizations that propagate the cultural, social, educational and spiritual well-being of Ukrainian Catholics in the Province of Saskatchewan in accordance with the initiatives, policies, and objectives of the Eparchy.


  • The primary objective of the Corporation is to develop, organize, and implement fundraising initiatives and programs for the purpose of raising monies that will be used to further the initiatives, policies, and objectives of the Eparchy as directed by the Finance Council.
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